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Earn in Bitcoin - Buy Sell Products
« on: March 14, 2019, 07:19:17 AM »
Here is an ebook created by our vendor

You Can download it from here with Images -

My Story

Few months back, I was in college that was the ending session I was eagerly searching for a job and in my past time I use to find the ways to earn money on internet. I  read many stories of different people earning money online. Now from there I got to know about crypto Currency, I got excited and interested about the amount of potential crypto currency have. Then I started searching for ways to make money online and finding ways to earn crypto currencies. When I searched online all I found was people selling different types of products and services online and making money with it. I tried to do the same but it was very difficult to make any money in the market place where people sold their products and services. It was very hard to sell a product without any reputation on those market places. After searching online I came across a market place which recently started where they accepted payment through various crypto currencies. The market place was new and had few sellers so I thought I should gave it a try. I posted a service there and got no response in the 1st week . after that it came to my mind that you need a reputation to start making sales on these kind of market places. A trick came into my mind and within 24 hours I had implemented that trick. I got my first enquiry , It was very exciting for me as I was able to make someone interested in my product . I was happy and I replied to that enquiry and the buyer didn’t convert . 

In that week I was able to get 4-5 enquiries and on the 8th day I made my first sale . It was the first money which made online . A sense of confidence grew in me and after implementing various strategies I was able to make $1000+ with in a month from the Market place . 

The Market place is still new and you can start making money with it . And I will be sharing all my Ninja techniques which helped me grow in that market place so lets get started.

The market place through which I have earned and still earning is “X Crypto Market”. Basically X Crypto Market is an online market place in which one can buy and sell products and services. You can sell any type of products and services here.

The products and services in X Crypto Market can be bought or sold by using PayPal, Credit Cards and more than 50 Crypto Currencies. There are number of crypto currency which you have also heard and know about.

Initially if we say about any Market place, It is a place which have the combination of buyer and seller. As in physical market there is requirement of physical setup and store, where in Online-Market place you can set up your store without any physical space. Its very easy and nominal to set up store through which you can sell your products and services in X Crypto Market.

 I was not an extra ordinary person to get boost-up in this new market place, all I have learnt things by Trial-Errors that turn out the blue-print through which  I am earning now. You can also earn in the same way by putting some efforts.

Hence, X Crypto Market provides great scope for expansion, this is the perfect time to jump into this market with an amazing opportunity to put your eggs in a right basket. If you want to earn more in lesser time then you are in the right place. The general key of growing in one these kind of market places is creating good reputation.


The First step to enter in X Crypto Market is Profile Creation.

First you have to do is Set-up your profile in X Crypto Market.
You can see the Home Page of X Crypto Market.

For becoming seller or buyer in this market it is compulsory to get registered.
The process is as follows;

1. Go to Sign-In/Register
2. After you will see this page
3. Fill all the required details here.
     -Email Address
    -You can also sign-in with your Google Account.

For becoming vendor,
Click on- “ Apply to become a vendor ”

And click on Register.

Vendor Application

Now, you can see the Dashboard, where you have to fill-up the Vendor Application.

Here you can create your Store Name. The store name should be Catchy and Interesting, which relates your store and product. As your store name is the first step to mark-up your product.

After that, fill your Store Description. The store description is all about your store, which kind of products you will be selling on the marketplace

Next category, Seller Info.

In seller information you have to write about  yourself like anything you would like your buyers to know about you. It can also be about your past business experiences.

Next, just below the seller info there is Store Website/Blog URL in which you have to enter the website of your store or if you are a blogger then enter your Blog URL, this enables the customer to visit your website or blog.

Then Store Phone, if you want to give the Contact details of you and your store then you can provide it here. This helps the customer to contact you easily.

In this picture you can see the other categories to fill-in.

You have to enter your Store Country, Store Address, City/Town, State/Country, Postcode or Zip.

These details helps the buyers to know about you, about your place from where you are dealing with your products and services. it is not mandatory but by filling all these it provides transparency and makes you more reliable.

After filling all these Click on “Apply to be Vendor”.


After your Verification is approved, you will get an email confirmation.
By going to your Dashboard again you will come to this page.

Here you can see an icon in which you have to set your profile picture and cover photo same as the other social media update. This is not compulsory but updating your profile makes you reliable. It be will easier for others to trust

 Adding Product

Next How to add a product?
 In the above page you see Add Product
There is different details you have to fill-in while adding a Product:-
-Product Name
-Product Description
-Product Type
-Featured Image
-Link(if downloadable)
-Demo(if requires)

The Product Name -  It should be Catchy, Short and Unique as it shows the very first impression of yours.
Product Description -  It contain the complete detail about your product. The product description is your sales copy. So, describe it in a way that gives you high conversions.
(Important : Make sure you add your product description as lengthy as possible . Try adding minimum 300 words . Marketplaces ranks easily on search engines like google . So if you add more words then it is possible that google will rank your page according to  keywords used in your description and help you get traffic on your product page .  If possible add 1000 words if you can )

Categories -  Add your product to a relevant category according to its type.

Tag -  Add a relevant tag.

Product Type -  Add your product type among different choices available.

Featured Image - The picture of your product is to be added on the featured image. It should be of good quality and size. The image have to be specific to your product.

 You can also add multiple pictures of your product by clicking “Add product gallery images”

Product Promotions

After adding your product the most important thing you have to do is promotion and advertisement of your listed product in X Crypto Market.
The marketing of product and services is the key step to get sales. If your product is not promoted well then there will be less chances to get sales. Hence,after adding your product, the first step to make sales is advertising your product in the best way.

I have divided promotion methods in 2 ways 
1. External Promotion 
2. Internal Promotion

External Promotion
There are different ways of promoting your products. Promotion can be done through many media or mediums, few are:-

Social Media
You can promote or advertise your product of different social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more
You can share the link of your product in different groups and pages of Social Media. Like, you can share the product name and link in your Facebook group or post it in feed.
Create your page on all of these platform - Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and Pinterest . Start following people from these accounts
This will help you drive traffic to your offer .

Forums will help you get traffic to your offer
Find forums related to your product or service
Place the link of your product in your signature and help people in the forum
Post about your product or service on the forum you can get good sales from there 

Internal Promotion

X Crypto Market is also providing different ways of promoting your product.
You can advertise your product through Sticky Post and Featured Listing.

Sticking Post-
When you add your product and services in X Crypto Market in appears in the topmost for few days but when other products and services get added, your products will go down. Hence, to stick your products and services in the top-most, X Crypto Market offers you Sticky Posts.
Sticky Posts enables you with the feature of listing your products and services in the topmost of the category for the longer period. It highlights your product as pinhead.

Sticky post just costs $15.

Featured Listing-
As in homepage of X Crypto Market you will see different kinds of products and services listed, all these are arranged in different rows and segments. When anyone scroll the homepage, he will first see the top rows products and services.
Hence, Featured Listing provides you the feature of listing your products and services in the top rows. Basically, this is the way to highlight your products and services in X Crypto Market.
Featured Listing can list your product in top 2 rows.
For listing your product in the 1st Row, it costs $49.
For listing your product in  the 2nd Row, it costs $29.

Verified Vendor Badge-
As in today’s online business scenario it’s been difficult to built trust among huge number of customers. Hence, X Crypto Market provides you a  Verified Vendor Badge. This enables you to get trustworthiness in the market. The badge makes you reliable vendor which helps you to sell your products and services in this market.
It just costs $49 or the equivalent price of your listed product and services. if your product is more than $49 then the remaining amount is kept as security deposit in X Crypto Market.

If your product is niche based product then I would recommend you to buy a sticky post in your product category. And if your product is in a general niche or has a big audience or suitable for the masses then you should buy featured listing.
These are the few ways which definitely helps in the promotions and advertisement of your product.

How to Get Sales From X Crypto Market

Reputation - Building reputation on any marketplace is very important . The most difficult sale in a marketplace is first sale . After I got started with x crypto market I didn’t got any sales or enquiries . So I understood that this is because I had no reviews . So what I did is I asked my friends to buy my product from it and post a review for my product . 2 of my friends bought my product and posted a good review about it . And after that within a week I got my first sale . So by doing this it will help you get your first sale on any marketplace .
Detailed Description - It is very important to add a detailed description about your product or service . There are very high chances that pages of marketplaces rank easily on google and the more words you add the better chance you will have to rank your product page on google for multiple keywords . I recommend to add at-least 300 words in your product description . If you can add up-to 1000 then that would be really great. So make sure to write long descriptions as if your product pages gets ranked on google than you will start getting targeted traffic .

Make extra Money -

If you scroll down on the home page of X Crypto Market . You will find that they have a referral program where you can refer people to earn $10 in btc and 30% of Transaction Fees of anything they buy from X Crypto Market .

For this your referred person has to make a purchase from X Crypto Market

This is a good way by which you can make money . I will recommend you to start referring people to it and when they start buying you will start getting good referral commission from them

Thank You
Buy Sell Products and Services using 50+ Crypto Currencies -


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