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[ANN]Thesaurum=Investment×Gambling Ecosystem
« on: January 13, 2020, 04:39:54 PM »
We investigate the amount of gold buried in our land and calculate it as an asset. We also use blockchain to manage the tokenization of our assets, tracking transactions, and the flow of funds, ensuring a safe business without fraud.
In the case of a general lottery, the chance of winning a winner is one in tens of millions.
Our game has an overwhelmingly high winning rate and a return rate because of gold mining. Every participants shall be the winner and get prize.
Our main game requires gold mining, so there is a disadvantage that the dividend is slow.
So we're also preparing a plan to get prizes right away without the need for gold mining.
How to use TSM
You can participate in our normal blockchain game with TSM deposit(Min. 10% of the participation fee), and your dividend rate will increase.
You can participate in our special blockchain game among TSM holders.


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