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BlockEstate is a US based private real estate fund issuing private equity in the form of security tokens through our partner Polymath Network based in Toronto Canada. $50 million is being raised on CoinLists TSM platform for BlockEstates Alpha fund to acquire real estate assets with the goal of achieving a net IRR of 12-20%. BlockEstates first Alpha fund is designed for international investors (Non-US persons under Reg S) looking to penetrate the US real estate market while mitigating traditional tax burdens. BlockEstate is currently planning a second fund designed for the benefit of US accredited investors.

BlockEstate Overview YouTube Video

BlockEstate Alpha Fund Advantages

Low Minimum
Access to lucrative US real estate private equity at a low minimum investment: $5,000 (USD, BTC, ETH)

No US Tax ID Required

No US tax ID required for non US investors (fund not open to US investors) and reduction of FIRPTA through our Delaware Corp blocker structure.

High Yield Goals
A customized high-yield real estate portfolio which aims to achieve a net IRR between 12%-20%.

Tradable in 90 Days
Real estate in a more liquid form of Polymath based security tokens that are tradable after 90 days to non-US investors (listing agreement secured with OpenFinance Network).

Enhanced liquidity
Quarterly token buyback & burn model progressively reduces the total token supply while increasing each remaining tokens value.

Experienced Team

A strong and experienced real estate team with over $650 million in property management and development experience.

Independent Fund Administration
BlockEstate has partnered with Tower Fund Services to provide expert fund administration services which aims to protect the interests of investors and to alleviate funds overhead of the operational burdens.

BlockEstate News


Website    |   Whitelist Signup    |   Telegram    |    Twitter     |     BlockEstate    |     Instagram   |   Whitepaper    |   Medium   

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