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Title: [ANN] [ICO] Betcoin Casino - Decentralized Borderless Betting
Post by: blockspring on September 24, 2019, 10:37:16 PM
Betcoin Casino - Decentralized Borderless Betting

A new blockchain-based online sports betting and casino platform which reinvent the way online betting industry operates.

About The Betcoin
At its core, Betcoin casino is a new blockchain-based online betting platform allowing people from all around the world to BET on sports and casino games enabling decentralized P2P and borderless betting. The decentralized nature of the platform will ensure the users fairness, trust, transparency, security and privacy whereas being based on blockchain, the transaction will be faster and secure with low fee.

Our Vision
Our vision is to harness blockchain technology for a better betting industry and make the betting fair, easier, more enjoyable and accessible throughout the world.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the world an easily accessible blockchain-structured betting platform and making the betting industry without boundaries.

What’s The Difference
Betcoin sportsbook & casino reinvent the way online betting industry operates by addressing the shortcomings of traditional betting industry and reshaping the standard of the online casino. The platform has its own token; the “BET” which is an ERC20 token designed to be used in the Betcoin sportsbook and casino and will be redeemable within the casino.

Problems & Solutions

Unfair conditions - The unfair condition is because the centralized nature of the existing platforms where odds are set massively in the favor of bookmakers.

Lack of transparency - Betting companies never let the bettors know how odds are set and companies or bookmakers even manipulate the odds even after a game starts.

Outdated payment methods - Along with most other things, there is no innovation to the payment method when it comes to existing betting system. That old wire transfer and other outdated payment system still dominating the way the bettor must pay and withdraw in.

P2P betting - Being decentralized, the main advantage of Betcoin platform is the true P2P betting where all participants or the bettors will be connected directly.

Transparency - Being on blockchain, everything on Betcoin Sportsbook and Casino is transparent and recorded on blockchain which can be verified by the bettors.

Visa Debit Card - Partnering with Localcoin and Visa Debit, Betcoin casino platform will enable its users to participate in a BET instantly from anywhere around the world.

Core Features
Token info

Token Distribution
Pre-ICO Sale 15%
ICO Sale 50% 
Bonuses / Airdrops 15%
Founders’ fund 10%
Future Development 10%

Token Details
Name: Betcoin
Ticker: BET
Decimal: 0
Max. Supply: 100,000,000 (100million)
Bonus system: Yes
Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.25 ETH / No Limit

BET token is required to deposit funds and make a bet on Betcoin sportsbook and casino. BET Token will be the primary mode of payment of Betcoin platform.

Official Pages and Links
Betcoin Platform:      betcoincasino. online
Betcoin ICO website:    betcoincasino. io
Github:          /betcoinplatform
Facebook:          /Betcoin-Platform
Twitter:          @betcoinplatform
Reddit:          /user/betcoin_platform
Medium:          @betcoin_platform