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Offtopic / Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services
« Last post by gchristophergloss on August 17, 2019, 11:01:43 AM »
Blockchain Firm provides complete end to end Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services, our cryptocurrency wallet development can store the multiple crypto assets like bitcoin, lite coin, ripple and more, our blockchain & bitcoin wallet app development services solution will help start-ups can build they own venture in the short term.

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BiTmex Mirror Trading BOT consists of a signal transmitter (Bitmex main Account) and a signal receiver (The rest of the Bitmex accounts on which trade is copied). To counteract the illegal distribution of a software product, we place your API key in each version of the program.

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Initial Coin Offering is a popular term among crypto investors.

Due to this factor, the number of ICO companies are increasing in number globally. They are bound to provide services that are a combination of legal advice & counsel, marketing instructions, and customer acquisition strategies.

If you’re looking for ICO launch, then you would have come across a lot of Initial Coin Offering service providers. You’ll probably review their services, previous projects, and user feedback. Yet, there are other important factors which you should consider before hiring a reliable ICO development company.

Marketing Competence
Different companies offer different strategies and they are unique in their own way. Reaching the better part of the crypto community entirely relies on a company’s resources & skills. It is essential for companies to showcase how they will take your project & deliver the brand to the target audience. When the rate of token sale advertisements decreases, it is not advisable to waste your time & effort.

Previous ICO Projects Info
ICOs deal with a large amount of money, usually ranging millions of dollars. It’s really a difficult task to choose a dynamic team that has hands-on experience on successful token launches. The company’s legal & marketing experience outside the crypto realm is not a concern when it comes to launching an ICO. 

Global Outreach
It is crucial for the ICO providers to develop a local presence in the region they’re going to operate. The ICO development company should provide you with the necessary things, for example, transactions & contacts with local publications.

Social Media Influence
A dedicated marketing team is a part of a dynamic ICO consulting company so that the tokens can be propagated among the user groups effectively. The marketing team should understand the reach of platforms such as BitcoinTalk, Medium, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and other trending social media applications. Besides, if the team is experienced in setting up bounty programs, it’s an added advantage.

Audit Management
It’s no doubt that your business will generate a huge amount of revenue and in turn, your business will have to abide by the local regulations & laws at the end of ICO. Also, these services from an ICO development company lifts the burden from your shoulder to the token experts.

Private Sales
Announcing the token launch to a small user group of investors prior to the public token sale, you should set up a dynamic structure with whitelist functionality. Alongside, promotional offers, referral programs, & bonuses should be modified accordingly.

Whitepaper Preparation
A whitepaper is essential for every ICO project and it is your online face. It contains all the essential information detailing token economics, project phases, platform modules, and a lot more. Also, it explains the professional summary of the business.

We, the Blockchain Firm, are a dynamic ICO development service company across the globe. We offer reliable, secure, transparent, legit, and accurate ICO development services to our clients so that they benefit from excellent fundraising campaigns & trusted investors.

Offtopic / IEO Consulting
« Last post by gchristophergloss on August 16, 2019, 11:42:31 AM »
Blockchain Firm is an IEO Development Company with a team of dedicated professionals who strive hard with their intelligent minds to develop and market the tokens for your IEO project. We provide reliable and legit solutions from end-to-end i.e., launching an IEO from scratch and if you’ve done ICO before, we pave the way for you to launch the IEO with our exchange partner. We also offer dynamic, structured, and strategic IEO marketing services to make your IEO launch successful.

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Changpeng Zhao, CEO of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has predicted that Binance will resume crypto-to-fiat operations in the United States within the next two months.

The new platform will be run by BAM, but use Binance’s wallet and matching engine technologies.

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Altcoins Discussion(general) / Re: SnapEx 600,000 USDT!!!
« Last post by JerryZhou on August 16, 2019, 12:49:23 AM »
can i bump this? the competition is still going!
Bitcoin Discussion / What If We Remove A Block From Blockchain Network?
« Last post by mikeadams559 on August 15, 2019, 03:39:12 PM »
What If We Remove A Block From Blockchain Network?
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