Author Topic: Anti-scam agents needed.  (Read 2034 times)

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Anti-scam agents needed.
« on: July 02, 2018, 10:42:44 PM »

Our forum keeps growing day in, day out and as such, we have to start with the implementation of some core features of this forum.
This forum's aim to prevent scam campaigns will be enforced by the anti-scam agents. As such we need experts in the crypto-world. After careful considerations, this is the criteria we will use to select the anti-scam agents:
1. (a) You must be at least a full member on bitcointalk OR
At least a Sr member account on altcoinstalks, bitcoingarden or any cryptoforum
    *[Your account must be at least three months on these forums]

2. You must be a member (100 posts)  on cryptotalksworld (this forum) before you can apply.

3. Members of other groups like forum promoters and karma associates can apply to be anti-scam agents but they must meet the above requirements.

4. The anti-scam group will have a total of 100 members for now. This number will increase as we grow to have more experts in the community. Do not apply for this position with multiple accounts. The application of both accounts will be disqualified.

5. To apply for this position, pm shwar-Z.
Verification of bitcointalk or other forum account to proof that you really own that account will be done by following the procedure given in the replied message from shwar-Z

In case more than 100 people apply, selection would be based on the rank of the applicant on the forum and quality posts made there. We reserve the right to do the selection on first come, first served basis.

This page will be updated with the list of selected applicants so revisit this thread after applying for your status.

*All selected members will be crowned with the position [Anti-Scam Agent] after we close the application process


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