Author Topic: How to buy/sell crypto in Ghana  (Read 25801 times)

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How to buy/sell crypto in Ghana
« on: February 07, 2019, 04:20:05 AM »
Buying crypto in Ghana is not that easy as you may think of. A lot of people have been scammed in the process of making a p2p deal.
In some few steps, I am going to teach you how to buy or sell your cryptocurrencies in Ghana without any issues

Things needed:
a.   A valid email address (If you donít have or have forgotten your password, create one before you read this guide)
b.   A phone number (of course it should be a working phone number, should be close to you because you will need it to receive a confirmation code)
c.   You should at least bitcoin, ethereum or bitcoincash address. If you donít have one look for ways to create some)

These 3 will be okay for now.

The only trusted way to buy/sell crypto in Ghana is described below.
This is a legit source because 99.9% of the members here use this method without any complaints.

1.   Visit

You should see this

2.   Click on the close button of the pop up message.


3.   Click on Register on the top right corner to start the registration process. (Wait for the registration page to be fully loaded)


4.   Fill the form with accurate details. You will have to confirm your email and phone number so do not use a phone number that you cannot get access to.  *Get a notebook and write down your password before typing it in the box. (The password can be anything that has 8 letters. You can add characters like @#&&).
Continue the form by creating a 4-digit(numbers) pin code. *Write it in your notebook before you select from the on-screen keyboard that displays. Click on create an account after the form has been filled with the necessary details.


5.   A code would be sent to your entered phone number once you click CREATE ACCOUNT in step 4. You will be redirected to a new page to enter the code you just got.

Again, you would be asked to confirm your email address. Go to your mailbox and find a message from Ecurrency4u GH. The message should look like this

After you have found the message, go back to the ecurrency4u page and enter the code that was given to you the box requesting you for the code. Click on verify email and wait for you to be redirected to your dashboard.


6.   Your dashboard should look something like this


Go through the various tabs and select what you want to do there.
Since our primary aim is either buy crypto from them or sell our crypto to them, I will go through the two procedures in brief.

7.   We are new so letís take it as we donít we crypto. We are going to buy our first crypto from ecurrency4u.
-Click on buy now from your dashboard. Quick link if you are already logged in: You will be sent to the buy crypto page.


Click on select an ewallet. Bitcoin is what most people know so letís say we are going to buy Bitcoin. Select Bitcoin from the dropdown list.


Below is the interface you get when you select choose bitcoin


After that select the minersí fee. Lower fees mean it will keep long before getting it in your BTC wallet. Choose one of them and letís continue. I have chosen option 1.


-Next is to put the amount of money you have in hand. To make it simple, leave the USD box and enter the amount you have in the ďAmount in GHSĒ box. Say, you have 200ghs. Just enter 200 in that box. It will automatically convert to USD(dollars).
You may be wondering, why not in bitcoins because you are buying bitcoinÖ Donít worry, they will give you bitcoins once you pay them.

-The next thing is to enter your Bitcoin address. (Refer to how to create a bitcoin wallet address)
I assume you know that so letís continue. Do not click on select a saved wallet address.
Jump down and enter your bitcoin address. Please do not enter an address that you do not own. An address you own should be one that you have its private keys and passphrase if any.

-Now, letís choose our payment method. MTN mobile money is popular in Ghana so letís choose it.


You will be given an instruction to follow as below:


Capture it and click on PREVIEW BTC ORDER.
You are redirected to a new page as below:


-Follow the instructions given and pay the accurate amount to the mobile number provided in the instructions. Please do not rush into making the payment. Read whatever is written on the page as below.

Note the difference between the order number and transaction id. The order number is on the page which you have to use as a reference when making payment. After the payment, MTN gives you a message which contains the transaction id. Use that in the box of transaction ID.


-After making the payment, click on add payment(just below the page).

You have bought your first bitcoins. Wait for the team to confirm your deposit. They will send the equivalent amount of bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet address after confirmation.

Now, let us sell our bitcoins to Ecurrency4u
-Go to your account dashboard:
-Click on Sell To Us. Or just go here:
Below is the page that is shown:


-Select bitcoin from the ewallets
-Check the amount of bitcoin you have and calculate its equivalent in USD. Say if you have 0.001btc, itís equivalent to 3.37USD.
Enter 3.37 in the USD box. It will automatically convert that amount to GHS.
-Now, select the payment method. Choose from the list. You can even choose bank deposits but that takes a compared to the mobile money.
Fill the rest of the form by entering your MTN mobile money number and Name on the Mobile money number.
Leave the *Name of bank and *Name of bank Branch empty if you selected mobile money method.
-After filling the form, click on

You are given the next page as below:


Click on OK the redirect you to the next page. Then click on Pay now.

On the next screen, you would be shown the exact amount of bitcoins to send (from the total bitcoins you own) and the address to pay those bitcoins to. Click on the ďcopy here to send addressĒ to copy the bitcoin wallet address to send the bitcoins you are going to sell.
See the image below:


Once you make the transaction and it is confirmed at least 3 times, Ecurrency4 will send you the amount of GHS that was shown when filling the sell to us form.

THATíS ALL. We have sold our bitcoins to Ecurrency4

If there is anything you want to know, feel free to pm me. Itís my pleasure to help all.

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Re: How to buy/sell crypto in Ghana
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2019, 07:35:59 AM »
For option C in the boldned can use the Blockchain Wallet...available on Play store. It's trusted by many but I can't guarantee it can't be hacked...anything can happen.

There are many wallets around. Look for a safe one to use, but exchange wallets are highly nit recommended


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