Author Topic: Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018: Can cryptocurrency hit $50,000 this year?  (Read 26 times)

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Can Bitcoin hit $ 50,000 this year? If this is true then i will do more to earn my pretty shares from the crypto-world. According to Jeet Singh, who speak at the World Economic Forum in Davos, "that the current volatility is completely normal when it comes to the cryptocurrencies space". Could this year be another year for cryptocurrency to hit another milestone ? trying to get my ass together mate.


What do you think about this prediction?


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I am optimistic with Bitcoin and all the rest of cryptocurrency but I am also a realist...basing on the latest trends and development that level of price for Bitocin may not be possible within this year. That can happen next year especially if there can be an ETF to be approved by SEC...

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I read the article on the $50k price prediction and I had a good laugh. $50k is really an ambitious expectation I don't think that is feasible any time this year. However, I like to point out that why I know no one truly knows where Bitcoin price is headed I absolutely believe it wouldn't go the way of $50k