Author Topic: Get into Short #ETH-USD @ 169 - Free bitMEX Signal & bitMEX Trading BOT  (Read 70 times)

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Bonus Bitmex Signal 22
Get into Short #ETH-USD @ 169
Target - 168-167-164
Stop Loss - 176
Leverage 10x
Profit- 80%

                              Visit -

Free Bitmex Signal on telegram & bitMEX Automated Trading bot which trades automatically in your account

It detects the trend, RSI Indicators & other patterns to make excellent scalping trades

This is one of the most powerful bot ever which makes such great scalping trades

The strategy which has been incorporated along with the AI, the BOT makes great trades which are risk free for consistent profit

These are powerful trades which are completely risk free, as per your leverage and your choice of quantity

These has been backtested and forward tested with 100% success results

Its one of the best strategy you will ever see in any Bot for scalping

We are the ONLY Bitmex Community whose accuracy and quality of Signals are outstanding

Each & every signal are shared post detailed analysis and you can see stats of each and every signal here


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