Author Topic: You determine when to lose or make money, Stop Blaming the market  (Read 40 times)

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It pretty troubling to hear people lament day in day out about how the recent market is making then incur significant lost.
Actually, i think that is total nonsensical. There is no lost without cash out during trading. You determine when to loss or make money, not the market.

Take a closer look at this:
If i held 0.1 etheruem during may 2018, when ethereum price was around 700$, it means i had 70$ as at then. But now (August) that etheruem price is at 256$, my 0.1 ether is currently worth 25.6$.

An anxious person will see this and get too scared, and so will decide to go ahead and sell his 0.1 ether on exchange for something like 24$... Obviously this person has incurred significant loss.

However, if i decide to keep my 0.1 ether during this red season and wait till green season where ethereum price shoot to 800+$, I surely will imagine myself making some profit.

Regardless how much of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other Altcoin you possess, You determine when to loss money or make profit. Stop blaming the market.

Share below your opinion.


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Re: You determine when to lose or make money, Stop Blaming the market
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