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The cryptocurrency trading world is missing safety and with Burency your crypto holdings will have immunity against security breaches coupled with liquidity through an integrated and safe custodian technology - John McAfee

The Burency Private Sale is Finally Live from 1st October

To fund its noble vision, Burency decided that it would raise funds through the sale of the BUY Tokens, which is an ERC20 standard token. They chose this standard since it is the standard used by smart contracts on Ethereum.

The BUY tokens will run on Ethereum and will be the main medium of transaction in the Burency ecosystem. These tokens will also be used to buy various services offered by Burency.

The Private Token Sale

The first stage of the token sale, which is a private sale, went live on October 1. During the sale, Burency intends to sell $7 million worth of tokens. The hard cap for the total number of tokens during this sale has been set at 100 million BUY tokens. Each token will sell for 7 , which is actually a bargain. The main sale price is set at 14 , which means participants in the private sale get a 50% discount. The tokens will be accessible via the Burency website

Burency - Three Projects in 1 Token

Burency is a combination of three projects that are governed by BUY Token. Burency provides facilities, services, resources, and solutions to crypto users as well as eases Cryptocurrencies transactions.
A) Fully Insured Cryptocurrency exchange that offers cryptocurrencies/digital currencies.

B) A Blockchain Development Centre - Burency Blockchain Development Centre is a hub of technology with a primary focus on creating smart contracts that facilitated business transactions for businesses and individuals.

C) A Mining Farm and Data Centre- Burency provides an efficient platform initiation of cryptocurrency where users buy computational power slots within mining resources.

Burency Exchange Website-
Burency ICO and IEO Website -
Burency Linkedin-
Burency Twitter- Check out Burency (@BurencyOfficial):
Facebook- Burency
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