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« on: March 09, 2020, 05:07:52 PM »

Buy In tournaments

We hereby announce our poker tournaments. Please read to the bottom for more info.

Players can register by buying the required amount for the specified tournament.

For those who don't know more about poker tournaments:
1. The total chips bought is used as the pool.
2. Depending on the number of people who registered, payment is made as in the picture below,

3. Players whose starting chips get finished first are eliminated until the last player who is crowned first.
4. You cannot add more chips from your account. Only the buy in chips are deducted from your account.

5. As the game proceed longer, all players are pre deducted (which is called the ante). This is added to the pot for the winner.

More info about this can be found at:

Apart from tournaments, there are also cash game tables that only requires 2 players to start.  Minimum 2 players are required to play on the different cash game tables but not tournaments. Each table has its minimum buy in and stakes. Look for the table that best suits the amount your wish to wager with and join.
You may ask for available players in our poker telegram group at @AcewinsPoker

For the sake of first time players, let's go through how to get started with Acewins poker

It is worth knowing that poker is played using chips. BTC is the only coin that can be exchanged for chips. Let's go through the process of exchanging BTC for CHIPS

1. Register at

2. Log into your Acewins account. Click the menu tab. Select "Wallet".

3. Select "Deposit BTC"

4. Copy the Bitcoin address generated.

5. Send from coinbase or any Bitcoin wallet.

6. After 6 confirmations from the Bitcoin Network, click "Update Balance" to get your deposit credited to your balance. Each address is valid only for a single deposit. Do not send multiple transactions to the same Bitcoin address.

7. After 6 confirmations and updating balance click the menu and select "Poker Chips & Dividends"

8. Each chip has an exchange rate of .000088 BTC to convert.  Enter desired amount and submit.


10. Click "Transfer to Poker" and enter the amount you wish to send to your poker account.

11. Chips are sent to your poker account instantly.

Viewing and playing poker from your poker account

Acewins platform has a separate url for poker. Users do not have to login to this separate site before playing.

Below is how to Play, View or Watch others play poker on acewins platform

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on poker from the page that appears after a successful log in to

3. You will be sent directly to our poker site, automatically logged in. No need to log in.

Your dashboard is displayed with your chips.

4. By default, cash game tables, which require a minimum of 2 players is displayed on the home page. Click on one of the tables(play) and have your seat.

5. To check if there is an ongoing tournaments, Click on the TOURNEY tab and register for your preferred buy in tournament you want to join.

Below shows how to register for a tournament. Click on tourney----> View details-----> Register.   Wait for count down to hit 0. Then Click on tourney----> View details-----> Take your Seat

If you are on mobile, you will see Mobile version launching soon..., don't worry, click on the browser's menu and request desktop version to proceed to

Register and wait for the countdown to end.

After the counting reaches 0, take a seat by clicking on tourney, then your tournament name(tournament your registered), view details, then take a seat.

You are ready to battle other players.

Please be informed that is a revenue distribution platform. 60% of the casino revenue is distributed to members. Other ways of earning are also enlisted there. For the purpose of this post, we won't take about them. If you find them on our site(as a player), it is not a must to join. It is only for those who are interested.

Stay tuned for more updates


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