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Ticker was changed to TRPC because it had a rename with an existing project.

   The TRPC is designed as the next generation of special currency for travel that can replace existing means such as traveler's checks and cash. At the same time, TPC network can record travel log, flight information, personal rights and interests data, and can exchange information, share information and hide information. TRPC will develop into a universal travel commercial currency worldwide, suitable for all travel industries, travelers, travel agencies, and can exchange external value through BITCOIN and other currencies.

   We plan to build a public platform. First, travelers can use TRPC to trade through the platform, then we plan to develop 10,000 businesses and institutions, airline company to join the network, so that travelers can use TRPC to purchase Plane ticket, travel tickets, travel supplies, and the business structure can better centralize access to traveler information, so as to establish better services for travelers. Individual travelers can gain credibility through TRPC points, thus establishing a good community and communication foundation. In short, everything in TRPC is for travel.

   We invite you to be a witness to the development of TRPC, which will be a real digital currency that can be widely used by tens of millions of people. Our focus is on offline promotion. We don't want to be a false digital currency that can never be used for practical purposes.

Note:We will not publish ICO in any form. Don't trust any private transactions in the name of this project. We don't have ICO! If you want TRPC, the best way is to buy it on the exchange.


   Genesis Block, Pre- Mine
   Website release
   Block Explorer
   Whitepaper release
   Marketing on Social Media Platforms

   February, 2019
   Listing on crypto-bridge
   Listing on
   Listing on

   March, 2019
    TRPC network release
   First Airline Partner announcement
   Developing 10 travel agencies
   Listing on
   website updata

    Android app release
   PR campaign
   Developing 50 travel agencies

    2019 Third and fourth quarter Roadmap Release
   PR campaign
   Developing 50 travel agencies
   IOS app release


Block reward:2 TRPC
Masternode collateral:2,000 TRPC
Masternode reward:80%
Block time:64 seconds
Total supply:21,000,000 TRPC
Premine:340,000 TRPC(1.6%)
P2P port: 10666/RPC port: 10667




More information soon


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