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✅ [ANN][POS][MASTERNODES] Cronos | CRSX Coin ⭐️
« on: January 02, 2019, 04:08:05 PM »

Cronos Coin is made for the community!

What we do, an executive summary:
If you already bought masternodes (in the presale phase), you surely are aware of possible problems different portals, untrustworthy people, strange presale auctions and a lot of scammers.

All in all a lot of variety and an unsatisfactory situation for both, masternode investors and developers that can cost a lot of energy, time and money.

All those problems need smart developers to tackle the challenges and to create solutions which are suitable for everyone. This is the main idea behind Cronos!

We provide a toolchain for masternode coins to solve these problems transparently and concisely. Our presale solution which is already up and running for our own presale is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to ensure security, integrity and fairness. Our long term goal is to work on this (community driven) project and to bring the toolchain to the next level. This includes smart contract based escrow services, coin swap solutions and many more.

The team behind - who we are:
Guys which made software development their passion, no hobbycoders. Our main goal is, to bring value to the community!

CRSX - the worth behind:
Whenever we launch a product, a tool or a software, we will accept CRSX as payment. This also applies for supporting other coin developers once they want to make use of our platform.

Innovative bonus system:
Our smart contract based presale solution works on top of the Ethereum blockchain and offers nice bonus possiblilities - check it out to receive instant bonuses!

Find our Whitepaper here:

English Version: Whitepaper

CRSX coin specifications:

Please visit: Coin specs

Masternode setup:

Please visit: Apollon XAP

Get in touch:

Find us on Discord: Discord
Twitter: Twitter

CRSX exchanges:

...coming soon


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